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Temporary Housing Solutions

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Global Destinations

Learn more about Oakwood's geographical servicing capabilities worldwide.

North America: United States

North East

New York Furnished Apartments New York Corporate Housing New York Temporary Housing
Boston Furnished Apartments Boston Corporate Housing Boston Temporary Housing
New Jersey Furnished Apartments New Jersey Corporate Housing New Jersey Temporary Housing
Stamford Furnished Apartments Stamford Corporate Housing Stamford Temporary Housing

Southern California

Los Angeles Furnished Apartments Los Angeles Corporate Housing Los Angeles Temporary Housing
Ventura Furnished Apartments Ventura Corporate Housing Ventura Temporary Housing
Orange County Furnished Apartments Orange County Corporate Housing Orange County Temporary Housing
San Diego Furnished Apartments San Diego Corporate Housing San Diego Temporary Housing

Washington DC

Alexandria Furnished Apartments Alexandria Corporate Housing Alexandria Temporary Housing
Arlington Furnished Apartments Arlington Corporate Housing Arlington Temporary Housing
Falls Church Furnished Apartments Falls Church Corporate Housing Falls Church Temporary Housing
Gaithersburg Furnished Apartments Gaithersburg Corporate Housing Gaithersburg Temporary Housing
Washington DC Furnished Apartments Washington DC Corporate Housing Washington DC Temporary Housing

South East

Miami Furnished Apartments Miami Corporate Housing Miami Temporary Housing
Tampa Furnished Apartments Tampa Corporate Housing Tampa Temporary Housing
Orlando Furnished Apartments Orlando Corporate Housing Orlando Temporary Housing
Raleigh Furnished Apartments Raleigh Corporate Housing Raleigh Temporary Housing
Virginia Beach Furnished Apartments Virginia Beach Corporate Housing Virginia Beach Temporary Housing

Northern California

San Francisco Furnished Apartments San Francisco Corporate Housing San Francisco Temporary Housing
San Jose Furnished Apartments San Jose Corporate Housing San Jose Temporary Housing
Mountain View Furnished Apartments Mountain View Corporate Housing Mountain View Temporary Housing

Great Lakes

Cleveland Furnished Apartments Cleveland Corporate Housing Cleveland Temporary Housing
Chicago Furnished Apartments Chicago Corporate Housing Chicago Temporary Housing
Detroit Furnished Apartments Detroit Corporate Housing Detroit Temporary Housing
Indianapolis Furnished Apartments Indianapolis Corporate Housing Indianapolis Temporary Housing
Minneapolis Furnished Apartments Minneapolis Corporate Housing Minneapolis Temporary Housing

Pacific Northwest

Bellevue Furnished Apartments Bellevue Corporate Housing Bellevue Temporary Housing
Redmond Furnished Apartments Redmond Corporate Housing Redmond Temporary Housing
Seattle Furnished Apartments Seattle Corporate Housing Seattle Temporary Housing
Bothell Furnished Apartments Bothell Corporate Housing Bothell Temporary Housing
Tacoma Furnished Apartments Tacoma Corporate Housing Tacoma Temporary Housing

Gulf States

Austin Furnished Apartments Austin Corporate Housing Austin Temporary Housing
Baton Rouge Furnished Apartments Baton Rouge Corporate Housing Baton Rouge Temporary Housing
Dallas Furnished Apartments Dallas Corporate Housing Dallas Temporary Housing
Houston Furnished Apartments Houston Corporate Housing Houston Temporary Housing
New Orleans Furnished Apartments New Orleans Corporate Housing New Orleans Temporary Housing

North America : Canada

Europe, the Middle East and Africa


Latin America

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Oakwood meets the corporate housing needs of wide-ranging industries.

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