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"As the Sr. Director of Employee Relations, one of my areas of responsibility is employee relocation which includes securing temporary living quarters during the transition.  Oakwood Corporate Housing, who we were already using for a number of moves, proposed the concept of Total Solution.  I agreed to give it a try and signed a one year agreement.  My concerns have always been the quality of service to our employees and the relative cost."
"Oakwood's Total Solution has been terrific.  Not only have they provided exceptional service, but they have been dilligent in keeping our costs in line with budget.  Even better, their handling of this part of our relocation program has freed up time and reduced stress for one of our staff who normally books temporary housing."
"There is no doubt that it has been a winner for us.  We will continue to use it."
Jeff Bland
Sr. Director of Employee Relations
Reproduced from a letter to Oakwood Worldwide.
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