"[My company] and Oakwood have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for over 6 years.  I usually speak with someone from Oakwood on a daily basis and Oakwood is definitely on my speed dial - this is a good thing.  I work with the Tampa office and I've met everyone in the office.  Most of the folks in the Tampa office have also come over to [my company] and received personalized tours.
"When I have a housing request, Oakwood is right there to fill it for me.  Whether it's 30 days, 60 or 120 days, I know they will find housing for my relocations.  Quite a number of my relocations are single females and I have certain criteria for those relocations.  My rep already anticipates my needs and my relocations feel safe and at home.
"I often get calls from other housing providers trying to get me to listen to their spiel and entice me away.  I'm always up front with them - [my company] is loyal to Oakwood and I have no intention of changing our relationship.  I'm happy, my relocations are happy and Oakwood's happy.  Done deal."
Ana Maria Davies
Reproduced from a letter to Oakwood Worldwide.
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